What is Skyfan Network?

Skyfan is the network for any kind of aviation enthusiasts, like yourself, from around the globe to meet, to find useful information, to share your experience.

Who Is It For?

We welcome all kinds of the aviation enthusiasts. Over 2013-2014, however, we plan to focus mostly on the demands of planespotters, aviation photographers, aviation video producers, aviation bloggers and aviation journalists. If you happened to be a pilot, an aircraft owner, aeroclub or airport representative, aviation modeler or any other sort of aviation enthusiast, you are still very welcome!

Why Not Facebook, Google+, VK, etc.?

We use Facebook, Google+, VK, ourselves to find aviation stuff. These networks have nothing to do with aviation with its specifics. They are too broad to help you efficiently. You still spend enormous amount of time to plan your next planespotting trip, it is hard to decide whether to attend a certain aviation event in another country or connect to the right people at the necessary moment, or whatever and whoever else you need to find or connect to.

We believe we can do better, smarter, provide you with more value, to cut your time and may be even costs. But… We are not there yet.

Private Alpha & Your Participation

We launched Skyfan Network on the 2nd December 2013 in private alpha. Private alpha version does not contain all of the features that are planned for the final version. There is still a lot to do to make Skyfan useful and successful.

Become a member of Skyfan Network, It's Free

Registering is free and simple but it requires you to have an invite code. Feel free to request an invite if you do not have it yet. Currently we select the trusted users and friends to test the project.

You Received an Invite?

We welcome your input! That is why we invited you personally to participate in active development of the project. Let's make Skyfan the #1 worldwide network for aviation enthusiasts together!

Share Your Aviation Photos & Stories

You visited an awesome aviation event? Your went for planspotting? Or you have something else to share. As long as it is related to aviation, please do not hesitate to share it. Publish your stories and photos.

Track Aviation Stories In Your Language

Each story that is published by the Skyfan members is linked to a certain language. In principle stories can be in French, Japanese, Russian or any other language. If you understand Russian and Dutch only, you may configure the system to filter out the stories in the other languages.

Contribute Ideas

We are listening! Share and vote for ideas to improve the services of Skyfan Network. Suggest the new features, vote and comment on your favorite ideas.

Is Skyfan Available On Mobile?

Not yet. We are currently working on the mobile application. As soon as it is launched we will inform you. We welcome your ideas and suggestions!

Privacy Policy

If you are concerned about your privacy, please check our privacy policy.

Skyfan Team

Our team members live in Russia, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line.